To make our incredible gin we use a very narrow cut of the purest triple-distilled grain spirit and introduce this to a copper pot still.

We then conduct a batch distillation with juniper berries and bespoke botanicals including coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, almond and liquorice. Lastly, we add a daring kick of nettles selected especially for us by a master tea blender which is blended with our botanicals to create our unique 40% ABV (80 Proof) gin of extraordinary British character.

D1 London Gin was awarded the highest, Masters, medals for the Super Premium and Contemporary categories of the global Gin Masters based on blind tastings by industry experts.

Tasting Notes

D1 London Gin encapsulates quintessential British flavours and aromas, with nettle tea expressions behind a confidently balanced juniper backbone. There is a wonderful two step flavour profile moving from juniper, coriander seed and citrus to smooth, gentle earthy nettle with spice notes to deliver the smoothest and most versatile gin you will ever enjoy.


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D1 Potato Vodka

The daring character and delicious, creamy smoothness of D1 Potato Vodka are rooted in the careful selection of the finest potatoes. Recognised by the world’s leading bartenders as the ultimate vodka ingredient, we have taken the craft of potato vodka to a new level. 

We start with a long fermentation before two distinct distillations. In the first of these, the vapours are elevated through a series of column stills before a final small batch copper pot distillation. 

This meticulous process is controlled with such accuracy that, after blending with crystal clear water, the spirit is bottled without filtration. This allows D1 Potato Vodka to retain its incredible, velvet-soft mouthfeel and distinguished creamy taste.

Tasting Notes

D1Potato Vodka is a wonderfully smooth vodka; on the one hand it's buttery, sweet and creamy and on the other it's vegetal, herbaceous and spicy.


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Large, 2.75”
Skull Shaped
ice mold

Free with every bottle purchased


D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co. was founded by Dominic Limbrey, who has a passion for premium spirits with a background in design and production for international markets. The team includes an incredibly strong set of distilling industry and creative partners.

We have collaborated with international contemporary artist Jacky Tsai who is acclaimed for his fusion of Eastern craft and Western pop art. His iconic ‘Floral Skull’ was first made famous by Alexander McQueen and can now be seen on the clear canvas of D1 London Gin. Jacky’s ‘Stained Glass Skull’ can be seen on the D1 Potato Vodka bottle.

“We established D.J.  Limbrey Distilling Company to create contemporary luxury spirits that meet demand for British craft, quality and innovation. D1 London Gin and D1 Potato Vodka redefine super-premium spirits in a dramatically different way” Dominic Limbrey.

As featured in Paul Wharton’s Cocktail book

When I was a child, my parents took great pride in our family home. My Mother loved exquisite furnishings, fresh flowers, music, comfort and cleanliness. My Father would collect one or two new bottles of premium spirits each week, but often not widely known, and add them to my parents’ bar. I admired the time and care that they put into their liquor choices and careful curation of their weekend cocktails.

Since then, I have carried that pursuit of fine spirits. Discovering D1 London Spirits upon my move to London exemplified a job well done; from the indisputable quality and delicious taste, to the brand’s story and the artistry of the bottles.

I’ve made a career as an Emmy nominated television Host and Producer as well as an Author, sharing my lifestyle and entertaining tips. D1 has become my Vodka and Gin of choice. I’m thrilled to share some of my favorite cocktail recipes featuring D1 Premium Spirits in my upcoming book, “Pretty Twisted, The Ultimate Guide to Creating Craft Cocktails” with you in 2022. There is a formula to living fabulously and for me, D1 is an essential part of that equation.

Emmy Nominated TV Host,
Creator/Executive Producer & Lifestyle Author

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The Aperitivo

Build in a highball glass
1.5 oz D1 London Dry Gin
0.5 oz Italicus bergamot liqueur
0.5 oz peach liqueur
0.3 oz fresh lemon juice

Fill with ice
Top with lemonade
2 drops of orange blossom water
Garnish with a thick cucumber ribbon

French 75

Wet shake and strain into an interesting flute
1.5 oz D1 London Gin
0.5 oz fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz simple syrup

Top with 2 oz sparkling wine and 2 drops of Yellow Chartreuse
Express a lemon peel twist to garnish

The Vesper

1.75 oz D1 Potato Vodka
1 oz D1 London Dry Gin
0.5 oz Lillet Blanc
2 dashes grapefruit bitters

Stir chilled and served in a classic martini glass and express a pink grapefruit peel twist.

The Pink Donkey

1 oz D1 Potato Vodka
0.33 oz Campari
0.5 oz Cocchi Rosa
0.33 oz honey water
0.67 oz lemon juice
1 Egg white

Dry shake, then wet shake and strain and top with ginger beer and garnish with an edible flower

Green Tea Sour

1.5 oz D1 Potato Vodka
1 egg white
0.67 oz sugar syrup
1 oz fresh lemon juice
0.67 oz green tea

Dry shake, then wet shake vigorously until chilled then strain and serve in a rocks glass over ice.

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